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Alec Bohm Leaf Rookie Cards (Best Cards, Value, Buyers Rating)

2018 Leaf Trinity Alec Bohm Auto RCĀ 

Alec Bohm Rookie Card Value

Next up on this list is this baseball card which features a prominent autograph that takes up a majority of the card. This autograph captures the attention of collectors right away and makes for a unique feature that raises the value of the card. The signature is also more expansive than most as it features his draft position.

Bohm is featured on the left side of the card, in his batting stance as he gets ready to crush another pitch.

The autograph combined with the fact that it’s a strong rookie card means that it’s another good investment option for those looking to add a Bohm card.


2018 Leaf Flash of Brilliance Alec Bohm RC #FOB-AB1

Alec Bohm Rookie Card Value

Last but not least on this list is another card from Leaf. While Leaf is not typically known as a strong card-producing company, they did make two strong Bohm cards that are attractive investment options.

This card has a unique design with an electric purple background and the red of Bohm’s jersey contrasts nicely.

This card also has an autograph on the lower half of the card, which is another attractive feature for collectors.

Parallels: Blue (/50), Purple (/25), Green (/15), Orange (/10), Red (/5), Gold (1/1)


Alec Bohm Rookie Card Investment Advice

As mentioned above, Bohm has a strong career ahead of him, and investing now makes sense to take advantage of the huge potential gains. The amount of success that he enjoys in his career will determine just how high his prices go and if you believe in Bohm, as we do, then it makes perfect sense to at least get one Bohm card at this moment.

All three cards listed above offer strong investment options at different price points that can be suitable choices for different levels of investors.

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